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    Single handle bathroom faucets
    Item no.: 82404
    This style of single handle bathroom faucets are adopted good-quality brass Hpb59-1 which the content of brass can keep around 59%, the proportion is highest among the middle-end faucets in the current market. We strictly control the material to secure the percent of Pb under 1%, which can guarantee the environmental protection and use safety of this single lever bathroom tap.
    The manufacturing technique, abandoning the old casting technology, is to use gravity casting which can make the material texture more compacted and possess the features of high density, high tenacity and high mechanical properties. All these factors enable the single handle bathroom mixers to have far better abilities of resisting cold, hot and pressure change.
    The surface polishing of single handle bathroom faucets is used automatic mechanical polishing, which make the surface look even and regular. Nickel then chrome plating take different functions—nickel plating assures the anti-corrosion, while chrome-plating ensures abrasive resistance of the single handle bathroom taps. Thickening chrome-plating layer make the surface look like a mirror with very good touch feel.
    This model of single lever bathroom faucets is made with the technology of an integrated boy . All pieces are passed by strict tests of pressure and leakage at 100% before leaving our factory, which can guarantee the basic functions for usage.
    The appearance design of the single handle bathroom faucets is the most popular “Vertical Type” at the present time. The joint to connect the shower hose and the position of the cartridge is kept flat, which enable the water coming out more smoothly, water route much simple and not easy to block. The appearance design of cold and water parts imitates the designing principle of the car’s front guard with a natural radian. The whole visual effect of single handle bathroom faucets is rigorous, elegant and fancy.
    According to the customer’s needs, we can provide special surface care agents for all the products to facilitate the daily maintenance of the products.
    Nursing leading available rinse with water faucet or a soft cotton cloth or wet cloth and wipe the tap, do not use any abrasive cleaning agents, cloth or paper towel, strong corrosive cleaner, do not use any acid detergent, polishing abrasive, harsh detergents or soap, do not wipe the tap with high hardness. Such as cement, strong corrosion should be clear even if things fall at the head of the surface.
    Use a clean sponge to evenly apply the special care agent on the surface of the head. After a little dry (5-10 minutes), wipe clean with a dry towel. It can make the surface of the faucet bright as new.
    It is important to note that the faucet should not be dismantled in private, and we can contact us with any problems, and we will give professional guidance. When the customer is using the faucets, it can clean the foam and filter for a certain time to ensure the service life of the faucet.

    We pay more attention to the quality of the accessories for the single handle bathroom faucets. The material of all installing fittings is used the same as the body, this could give the warranty of the mechanical property so as to avoid the leaking caused by the bad quality of the assembling fittings.

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